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Bausch & Lomb PureVision Multi-Focal

Bausch & Lomb purevision multifocal contact lenses

    PureVision Multi-Focal contact lenses–the silicone hydrogel lens that gives presbyopes the ideal solution for natural, crisp vision. Many patients are unaware of multifocal lenses–and need you to bring the option to them.

    PureVision Multi-Focal (balafilcon A) Visibility Tinted Contact Lens is indicated for daily wear or extended wear from 1 to 30 days* between removals, for cleaning and disinfection or disposal of the lens, as recommended by the eye care professional.

    The lens is indicated for the correction of refractive ametropia (myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism) and presbyopia in aphakic and/or not-aphakic persons with non-diseased eyes, exhibiting astigmatism of up to 2.00 diopters or less, that does not interfere with visual acuity.

    Key Features & Benefits

    • Exceptional multi-focal design for patients with presbyopia
    • Comfort-enhancing AerGel material repels debris
    • Allows natural levels of oxygen for healthy, white eyes

    PureVision Multi-Focal lenses offer:

    • Exceptional intermediate visual quality throughout the crucial 16- to 48-inch range, utilizing the wide-intermediate power profile (1) proven successful in SofLens Multi-Focal lenses.
    • More natural presbyopic correction, with smooth transitions enabled by our center-near aspheric design (2).
    • Exceptional comfort for patients experiencing lens dryness due to a rounded-edge profile (3) and smooth, consistently wettable lens surface.