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Alcon DAILIES® AquaComfort Plus® Contact Lenses

Alcon Dailies AquaComfort PLUS Contact LensesNew lens every day, refreshing all day.


DAILIES® brand contact lenses provide a range of lenses to suit a variety of patient vision and lifestyle needs. Featuring unique blink-activated moisture, all DAILIES® brand contact lenses deliver refreshing comfort right up to the end of the day and are ideal for patients seeking outstanding comfort in a contact lens.


An ideal contact lens for patients who are seeking advanced comfort, especially for those who have tried daily disposable or two-week replacement lenses in the past and experienced discomfort.

Superior comfort upon insertion for your patients.

Only DAILIES® AquaComfort Plus® contact lenses are bathed in a saline solution with added HPMC (Hydroxy-propyl methylcellulose) which optimizes the viscosity to provide a soft, silky feel and superior comfort upon insertion.

HPMC is a high viscosity polymer that provides an initial cushioning effect when inserting the lens, improving wearer comfort. This initial comfort superiority has been proven in clinical studies comparing DAILIES® AquaComfort Plus ® contact lenses to the latest technology in daily disposable contact lenses, both on first-time wearers and current daily disposable contact lens wearers.

Blink-Activated Moisture for All-Day Comfort

Outstanding Tear Film Stability Is a Key Benefit for Your Customers.

Moisture Release for Exceptional Compliance.

A Unique, Single-Use Polymer.